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Mental Health Awareness Week

From the 10th to the 16th of May we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week. To commemorate this at Hartwig Care, we hosted a number of activities.

We began by encouraging our staff to complete ‘self-care check-ups’. Here they had to consider how their daily actions were contributing towards their mental health by each filling out a checklist.

Next we introduced staff to the concept of a growth vs. fixed mind-set. The idea behind this was to help staff recognise situations where a shift in perspective may contribute positively towards their mental health.

On the Wednesday we encouraged staff to take a half-an-hour walk in addition to their normal lunchtime break. This was to give supplementary ‘recharge’ time and enable refocus for the remainder of the day.

We also took the opportunity to point staff in the direction of multiple health and wellbeing apps. This was to showcase a more contemporary approach to wellbeing management.

Before finally we took part in a Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop with Rebecca Kimberley. This 30 minute zoom session focused on the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. Staff were also able to ask questions and take part in an interactive quiz.

Overall it was a hugely successful week. We look forward to continuing the theme of mental health and wellbeing by providing further activities throughout the year!

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